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Michaela Jaé Rodriguez Starts a ‘Wildfire’

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, the Emmy-nominated heart and soul of “Pose,” is about to make her mark on the big screen. Of course, she’s appeared in theatrically released films already, but with “Wildfire,” she’ll be a lead, playing a transgender character. With a producer in “American Idol” vet Randy Jackson, and a script by rising screenwriter Chaya Doswell, “Wildfire” is the story of an unlikely friendship. A 7-year-old girl named Lu, who is mute and living with abusive family, accidentally starts a wildfire, and then maneuvers Rodriguez’s character into unwittingly kidnapping her. Why? Well, that’s what second and third acts in scripts are for, so the rest of the plot is under wraps. It’s early in the process, so look toward 2024 for this one to arrive in front of audiences, and more information here as casting continues.

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