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South Florida Welcomes 31st Annual Florida Renaissance Festival

The annual Florida Renaissance Festival returns with a one-of-a-kind family-friendly event that takes lords and ladies of the realm back to a time when tunics, tabards, slashed sleeves, and bodices were the fashion. Beginning February 4, and running for eight consecutive weekends until March 26, all roads lead to Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach to celebrate the 31st edition of the Florida Renaissance Festival with an added bonus eighth weekend of festivities.

The festival is for all ages, and it’s one of the most anticipated major events of the year because it’s a memorable, magical, mystical experience for the entire family. This special event features multiple new attractions, as well as popular older ones to guarantee non-stop fun and excitement in this magical kingdom.

Jousting knights, royalty, wenches, magicians, and more awaits as festival goers will be treated to delectable foods, fabulous drinks, numerous unique craft shops, live music, and more. The kingdom is a wonderful place for fun, but it’s also a great environment where participants can take selfies of themselves in era garb. PLUS there is an all-new eighth weekend introduced for this year – the Mad Hatter’s Circus embarks on an “Alice in Wonderland-themed” adventure that brings fairytales to reality!

While costumes are not necessary for admittance, thousands of people enhance their experience each year by donning outfits from the Renaissance era or participating in one of the festival’s special themed weekends.

“For more than three decades we’ve provided South Floridians a Renaissance experience unlike any other,” said Bobby Rodriguez, founder, and producer of the Florida Renaissance Festival. “It’s a special storybook event unlike any other, and we invite patrons to dress up and rejoice as we celebrate culture and history, because it promises to be a fun-filled memorable time for the entire family.”

Florida Renaissance Festival 2023 Themed Weekends

Feb. 4 & 5 – The Wizarding World’s Faire – A Magical Grand-Opening!

Feb. 11 & 12 – Barbarians & Dragons- A Roaring Battle!

Feb. 18 & 19 – Steampunk & Time Travelers – Age of Automation!

Feb. 25 & 26 – Maidens, Wenches, and Goddesses! – A Beautiful Empowerment!

March. 4 & 5 – Days of Cosplay – Heroes, villains, and everything in between!

March. 11 & 12 – Pirate Invasion – Swashbucklers & Scallywags!

March. 18 & 19 – Highland Fling – A Celtic Celebration

March. 25 & 26 –   A Mad Hatter’s Circus – A Fairytale Finale!  NEW Weekend                   

Also returning for the 2023 season are a variety of fan-favorite acts and performances:

Bard & Minstrels; Bells to Go (Carillon); Blue Muse; Brothers Blackwell; Broon; Buckle & Swash; Celtic Mayhem; Debracey Productions (joust); Faire Wynds; Harper & the Minstrel; History of Chivalry; Historical Demonstrations: Cannons; Kamikaze Fireflies; Kelly Irish Dancers; Les S. Moore (pickpocket); Masala Music & Dance; MooNiE; Music the Gathering; NEW – Nightwings (a new exotic bird and falconry show in the joust area); Pirates of Tortuga Bay; Rota Temporis; Reelin’ Rogues; Splatter Time Players (mud show); Tales of Robin Hood; The Adventure Quest; The Commedia Madrigal Singers; The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told; Trebuchet; Washing Well Wenches.

There will also be The Court, Encampments, Promenade, Street Characters, Wandering Musicians, and dozens of characters from Gabriel Q.

The Florida Renaissance Festival is produced by nationally acclaimed Bobby Rodriguez Production and strives to create an entertaining and cultural experience for adults and children alike. The current sponsors of the 2023 Florida Renaissance Festival include Sapporo, Unibroue, Anchor Brewing, 1911 Cider, Llanos Leather, Pelican’s View, and JMlovelaw.

Prices range from $32 for adults and $14 for children (ages 6 to 11 years of age). Children 5 and younger are free. Special seasonal passes are available for $199 (adults) and $79.50 (children). For tickets and more information visit: www.ren-fest.com; If you prefer the ancient method, call 954-776-1642.

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