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Q&A: Krave X Miami’s Grand Opening: ‘You May Call Me Mistress’

PHOTO: Kravemiami.com.

I had spoken to Mark Lowe about doing an interview to coincide with the opening of Krave X Miami and set up a time. I thought I was going to be interviewing Mark, but when I arrived there was woman dressed in what I would call a Dominatrix outfit that I had recognized from seeing her at the Fort Lauderdale Commission meeting. So, I said to her, hello from Hotspots and how should I address you?

You may call me Mistress.

Ok Mistress then, what is Krave X Miami? How would you describe it?

KRAVE X MIAMI is a judgment free space for the curious, adventurous, and open minded. We firmly believe that labels should stay on the clothes.

There’s been an avalanche of global press from CNN, FOX NEWS, Daily Mail, and even TIME and Rolling Stone from you and 2 futuristic looking submissives viral attendance at a local city commission meeting. Was that a publicity stunt for KRAVE X MIAMI?

No, it was ART. Beyond the art we believe in safe and consensual spaces for ALL.

How did the vision of KRAVE come about?

Mark Lowe is the creative mind and brain behind KRAVE, as the designer. He’s an insane genius in the best way; not the chop you up and eat you kind of way. Mistress loved Living Room in Fort Lauderdale and HOUSE in Wynwood. I loved the groundbreaking and boundary pushing aspects of House. It was in so many ways before it’s time as the first true nightclub in Wynwood. We now see what Wynwood has become.

You speak for Mark?

YES, Mark is my bitch!

Why and what is the LGBTQIA+ Saturday night at KRAVE?

Because KRAVE is for everyone and fully nude, Mark designed KRAVE specifically as a space that welcomes ALL. There will be nakedness in all forms everywhere. 

Any final comments on KRAVE?

Don’t come to KRAVE X MIAMI if you are closed minded or boring. You are expected to participate and immerse yourself into the KRAVE show. Come sexy, come naked, come as you are. BUT DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME!

Anything else in closing?

I look forward to tying up and spanking each and every one of YOU at the opening!

Krave X Miami is having the grand opening of its LGBTQIA+ night on Saturday, March 11. For more information, go to: Kravemiami.com.

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