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Should I Confront A Guy Who Dumped Me Out of The Blue?

Dear Andreus,

I was recently getting to know this guy.  It was obvious to both of us and everyone around us, that there was a spark. He was recently out of a relationship, so I was very careful not to push. I was just being present, and spending time with him, which he seemed to enjoy thoroughly. Even after three months, we didn’t have sex, because I wanted to build on the friendship to see where it might go. He also seemed to be nurturing our time together.  Suddenly, he gets introduced to someone else, and without even saying anything to me, starts to date the guy. This is after he told me that he didn’t want to rush into anything with anyone. I don’t know how to feel. Should I confront him, or just let it go.


Antonio R.

Dear Antonio,

It seems like he has made a choice. You should not feel bad about that, because we are not always the perfect fit for the people we might like.  Maybe the Universe has someone else in store for you.  Being that he made this choice, I don’t know that it is even worth confronting him about it. What do you expect to get from the confrontation? Also, it might be a good thing that this happened before you got in too deep. He clearly showed you his concern or lack thereof for your feelings. I have a personal philosophy, which is – “Never cross rivers for someone who would not hop a puddle for you.” Honesty, communication, and transparency are everything!  I hope this helps.

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