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‘Drag Race’ Star Salina EsTitties Comes For Ross Mathews

In last week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Salina EsTitties was sent home after performing brilliantly in the main challenge. She gave a stunning and emotional performance, and she served it up in the lip sync, but sadly it wasn’t enough to save her.

This may be the case for almost every queen who walks into the werk room, and though most of them take the rejection in stride, that is not the case with EsTitties, who is apparently very unhappy about her elimination. While on stage at a viewing event in West Hollywood, she let the audience know how she felt, directing most of her colorful language at one of the judges, Ross Mathews for his comments and criticism.

She said, “Ross Mathews, You can eat my ass. What the hell does he know about fashion? I was supposed to wear a black bodysuit? Look at what the fuck you’re wearing, you sequined sweater jacket ass little bitch.”

Her comment earned her thunderous applause, perhaps because those who were in the crowd agreed with her, or maybe because it was simply funny to hear her drag the judge in such a manner.

EsTitties may have been angry, but she also seemed proud of herself and what she managed to do on the show.

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