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Come Join ‘The Mattachine Family’

We’re really into the current vibe of all-queer casts in films, so it’s exciting to announce that the indie film “The Mattachine Family,” about to make the film festival rounds, is serving queer in front of and behind the camera. The debut feature from the married creative team of director Andy Vallentine and screenwriter Danny Vallentine is a drama about a couple navigating foster care and defining for themselves what makes a family. And the cast is, as far as we can tell, all non-heterosexuals: Nico Tortorella (“Younger”), Juan Pablo di Pace (“Fuller House”), Carl Clemons-Hopkins (“Hacks”), Emily Hampshire (“Schitt’s Creek”), Jake Choi (“Single Parents”), and the great Heather Matarazzo (“Welcome to the Dollhouse”). In fact, it looks like producer Zach Braff might be the lone straight in the room. He’ll be fine. Look for this one to drop into theaters or streaming (or both) before year’s end.

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