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A Match Made In Queer Heaven: Anaheim Mayor Invites The Sisters To Angels Pride Night

Anaheim’s mayor has invited a group of self-described queer and transgender nuns that was disinvited from the Los Angeles Dodgers annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night to be her guest at the Los Angeles Angels’ upcoming pride night. It was unclear whether the group would accept the invitation or have any official participation in the team’s June 7 event. Last week, Los Angeles Dodgers pulled a group of self-described queer and trans nuns from their list of honorees during the team’s upcoming Pride Night.

The decision was made after the complaints raised by several Catholic organizations and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, who said the group disparages Christians. The organization Catholic Vote also condemned the group’s inclusion in the Dodgers’ event. Its president, Brian Burch, issued a statement hailing the team’s decision to exclude the group.

In response, The Sisters issued a statement expressing deep offense at being uninvited to the event, calling the decision a capitulation to hateful and misleading information from people outside their community. Other high-profile Southland supporters of LGBTQ+ rights also chimed in, expressing disappointment in the Dodgers’ decision. Los Angeles County Supervisor Lindsey Horvath had blasted the team for disinviting the Sisters.

Yesterday, the Abbess of the LA Sisters, Sister Dominia, and board member Sister Bearonce Knows, met with the President of the Dodgers.  The charity group is has not only accepted an invite back to the Pride Night, but the Dodgers will be presenting the group, founded in 1979, with a Community Hero Award.

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