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My Boyfriend and my Best Friend Want to Open a Business

Dear Andreus,

My boyfriend and my best friend want to go into business together.  They both have been in the restaurant industry for a long time and are talking about doing a joint venture on some type of food venue.  I definitely want both of them to be successful, but I don’t want them doing it together.  My best friend has a huge crush on my boyfriend.  He has even told me indirectly in so many ways.  I am afraid that them working together could turn into something else.  At the same time, I don’t want my boyfriend to feel like I am holding him back from his dreams, if I say I don’t agree.  What do I do?


Alvaro S.

Dear Alvaro,

Your boyfriend and your best friend are adults.  In this scenario, you must allow them to make decisions for themselves.  Being afraid that something could happen and trying to block them from doing business together, does not stop anything from happening if they both want it to.  Here is where you have to ask yourself how much you trust them both.  If you are unsure about that, then what kind of relationship do you have with your best friend and with your boyfriend.  Everything happens for a reason; you just must decide how you respond when it does or does not happen. Good luck!

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