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Federal Judge Reinstates Kentucky’s Gender Affirming Care Ban

Kentucky’s ban on gender-affirming care for young transgender people was restored Friday when a federal judge lifted an injunction he issued last month that had temporarily blocked the restrictions. The latest ruling by U.S. District Judge David Hale means the Kentucky prohibition goes into effect, preventing transgender minors from accessing puberty blockers and hormone therapy. Kentucky Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who had asked that the injunction be lifted, applauded the ruling, while transgender rights advocates denounced it. Chris Hartman, executive director of the Fairness Campaign, warned that the statewide ban would immediately harm young transgender people and their families in Kentucky. Hale’s reversal of his own order came nearly a week after the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a similar temporary injunction halting the enforcement of a similar law in Tennessee. Corey Shapiro, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky, said that the latest ruling is not the final word on the matter. The group called it a temporary setback and expressed confidence in achieving a positive result before another federal court.

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