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Visit Lauderdale Celebrates Black History Month

During Black History Month, Visit Lauderdale celebrates the rich heritage of the Black community with various events and activities, and every queer community member is invited to explore this cultural experience. The Old Dillard Museum, a historic landmark that once served as the first public school for Black children in Fort Lauderdale, now stands as a beacon of cultural preservation. Its jazz-themed exhibition space hosts live performances and showcases artefacts that illuminate the community’s vibrant history. History Fort Lauderdale preserves memories of Seminole people and early settlers while also highlighting the city’s oldest Black community. For kids, the Carver Ranches Branch library offers fun Black History Month kits. On February 15, Jazz Reflections celebrates Black women in jazz. The Ali Cultural Arts Center remains a vital cultural hub for the African American community. Throughout the year, venues like the Broward Center for Performing Arts showcase talented Black performers. In Fort Lauderdale’s oldest Black community, the Sistrunk Historical Festival & Parade brings history to life with parades, street festivals, and local vendors on February 24. The Chris Smith All-Star Classic Sistrunk 5K Run kicks off the festivities at Delevoe Park, followed by a day filled with cultural immersion and celebration. Other community events like Kijiji Moja at Lincoln Park on February 17 continue the black LGBTQ+ celebration while Miramar’s Afro Carib Festival, held on the same day, adds Caribbean flair to the festivities, uniting the Black LGBTQ+ community and others in joyous celebration.

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