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Linsey Read Talks Monster Jam at loanDepot Park

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Experience big-time family fun at Monster Jam! The most unexpected, unscripted and unforgettable motorsports experience for families and fans in the world today returns to Miami for an adrenaline-charged weekend at loanDepot Park (501 Marlins Way, Miami) on February 24 & 25. At Monster Jam, world champion athletes and their 12,000-pound monster trucks tear up the dirt in wide-open competitions of speed and skill.

The excitement begins at the Monster Jam Pit Party fan experience held only prior to the Saturday evening event. Fans can see the massive trucks up close, meet their favorite drivers and crews, get autographs, and take pictures. Activities include the Sand Box play area, UNOH tire demonstration, coloring and temporary tattoo station, and new photo ops, including the chance to take a photo with the Series trophy. This fun-filled experience is the only place that allows people to get up close access to the Monster Jam teams and get an insider’s look at how these trucks are built to stand up to the competition. Fans are encouraged to get to their seats early to experience Monster Jam Trackside approximately one hour before the event start time. Featured festivities include competition previews, driver interviews, giveaways, opening ceremonies and power rush truck introductions.

South Florida motorsports fans will be on the edge of their seats as the world’s best drivers show off crazy skills and all-out racing in fierce head-to-head battles for the Event Championship. Engineered to perfection, the 12,000-pound Monster Jam trucks push all limits in Freestyle, Skills, Donuts and Racing competitions. Monster Jam drivers are trained, world-class male and female athletes who have mastered not only the physical strength and mental stamina needed to compete, but the vital dexterity to control 12,000-pound machines capable of doing backflips, vertical two-wheel skills and racing at speeds up to 70 miles-per-hour to produce jaw-dropping, live motorsports action seen around the world.

The Stadium Championship Series East features 12 skilled athletes battling for the championship while tearing up the dirt in intense competitions of speed and skill.

Linsey Read

It was a pleasure to sit down with Linsey Read, for this exclusive Hotspots interview.

At what age did you realize driving these Monster trucks was something you liked?

I realized later in life that monster jam trucks were what I wanted to do. I started going to monster Jam shows in my hometown in my 20’s and Candice Jolly inspired me and then I realized I wanted to do the same thing and inspire other females. 

What was your first professional gig?

I started driving in 2016 and it was behind the wheel of Scooby Doo. 

When did you know Driving these trucks would be your career?

I realized this would be my career the first moment I sat in a monster jam truck, started it and drove around. I instantly fell in love. After my first actual event driving it was the cherry on top and cemented that this is what I wanted to do long term. 

Is this an easy career for women to be a part of?

There are definitely obstacles in every career path, but in mine its that I am generally the only female at most events. Also being a mother, I am on the road a lot and am away from my kids and husband quite a bit. However, they are happy that I am living out my dream. 

What are the best things you have won?

The best win I have ever had was in 2019 in the World finals as a showdown competitor (last chance qualifier). There were 8 competing trucks, and I was the first female to go to the showdown. I then won the World Freestyle competition the same weekend. 

Describe yourself in three words?

Fun, motivational and caring. 

What do you do for fun?

I spend time with my daughter as she races go karts; I am her pit crew. 

What should our readers expect from Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is exciting from the moment you purchase your tickets to the moment you sit in the stands. There is nothing like seeing the trucks up close and personal and smelling the fumes. The things we do with the trucks are amazing including: balancing, flips and the jumps. You never know what you are going to see at monster jam, and you have to get your tickets and check it out.

For more information on Lindsey, follow her at: Instagram.com/linsey_read

Tickets and Pit Passes are available for purchase online at MonsterJam.com or in-person at the venue box office.

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