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The ‘Brutal Breakup’ Of Sara Ramirez ‘And Just Like That’

Next. This is WHAT WE CALL TOPICAL TV. Nothing happens ‘just like that,’ even on a show called “And Just Like That.” Sara Ramirez’s relationship with Hollywood is about as functional as her character’s relationship with Miranda on the show. Spoiler Alert: They broke up! Now it appears Ramirez and her Che Diaz are breaking up with the show. Her character’s never been super popular with fans. Ramirez had a disastrous interview with The Cut last summer. And she calls out execs on social media. But the Daily Mail says none of that is why she’s leaving. Sources tell the Mail that her character is annoying and no longer has value since the relationship storyline ended. It’s a tough time for Ramirez, who’s also leaving Grey’s Anatomy.

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