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Is It Just A Myth? Why Does It Seem Religion And LGBTQ+ Hate Is So Much Greater In The South?

In an introspective discussion on the GayChristians subreddit, a member expressed the struggles of exploring sexuality in the conservative landscape of the southern United States. The post author mentioned that despite undergoing a significant theological journey and embracing affirming beliefs of his religion, feelings of guilt and doubt still plague their acceptance of their own sexuality. The individual shared their experience of internalized shame, fueled by the community voices of their upbringing, which perpetuate harmful myths about sexual orientation. They grapple with the fear of being judged or dismissed by their community, leading to doubts about the validity of their identity. The discussion focused on their perception that the lack of diversity, inclusion and even hate is far greater in the South than in other regions of America. Then the discussion focused on why. At Queer God Squad, we recognize the immense pressure and stigma faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in religious and conservative environments. The intersection of faith and sexuality can create a battleground for self-acceptance, where external influences often clash with personal convictions. While coming out publicly may offer liberation and support from like-minded individuals, the decision is deeply personal and must be made with consideration for one’s safety and well-being. In a region like the southern U.S., where conservative attitudes prevail, the risk of backlash and discrimination seems significant. The real question Is it a myth or an ongoing truth that the South has always been and is a place of deep blood red politics and religiously evangelical. Is it myth or reality that the south is a place where marginalized communities including sexual identity of LGBTQ+, issues over race and color towards black and latino, decision making over healthcare choices by women, and even diversity of faith can be a daily struggle. At Queer God Squad, we stand in solidarity with those across the south grappling with doubt and fear, offering support and affirmation on their journey towards embracing their authentic selves.

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