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First Gay ‘Doctor Who’ Has Scene Stealing Adversary In Jinkx Monsoon’s Maestro

Brace yourselves as we embark on a thrilling journey to a very queer era of Doctor Who. With the casting of Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor and the first LGBTQ+ actor playing the Who. But what we’ve experienced so far has surpassed all our queer expectations. In the latest episode, titled “The Devil’s Chord,” we are introduced to Jinkx Monsoon as the enigmatic Maestro. Monsoon’s portrayal is nothing short of mesmerizing, bringing to life a character who is both menacing and captivating. From the moment Monsoon appears on screen, it’s clear that we’re in for a wild ride. Unlike previous villains, this Maestro isn’t solely fixated on the Doctor. In fact, he seems to relish the opportunity to challenge and taunt our beloved Doctor Who. With every line delivered with precision and every scene stolen effortlessly, Monsoon’s performance as Maestro is a masterclass in villainy. But what truly sets Maestro apart is their dynamic opposition with the Doctor. Yes, They/Them are Maestro’s pronouns. Rather than being intimidated, Monsoon’s character openly flirts and teases the Doctor. The character also poses challenges that the Doctor is afraid of. Longtime fans of Doctor Who are already hailing Maestro as one of the franchise’s greatest antagonists. This Maestro is a groundbreaking addition to the Doctor Who universe, and we can’t wait to see what twists and turns lie ahead in Season 14. You can watch Dr. Who on Disney+

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