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Our Fund Supports Master Chorale ‘Considering Mathew Shepard’ May 31

The Master Chorale of South Florida presents Craig Hella Johnson’s “Considering Matthew Shepard,” a moving tribute to the enduring memory of Matthew Shepard. Brett Karlin, the artistic director of the chorale, will conduct this poignant June Pride Month event. This musical event commemorates the 25th anniversary of Shepard’s tragic death. Set for May 31 & June 1 at the Sunshine Cathedral Center for Performing Arts, the concert promises an unforgettable experience. Our Fund has generously supported this production with a major grant. Mark Blaylock, Chief Financial Officer and Legacy Officer of Our Fund Foundation, will also be singing with the Master Chorale. Mark believes in the importance of sharing Shepard’s story to combat hate and division in society. You can get tickets for this amazing Pride musical event at MasterChoraleOfSouthFlorida.org

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