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Dishing with Mark and Carrie March 13, 2014

Sol Y Son: Cuban Band Direct From Cuba

Behind the scenes is a small group of Yborites forming a new company for Cuba-United States musical and arts trade exchanges. Novel is the idea of these area gentlemen, including Joe Capitano, Sr., Alan Kahana and two others, trying to open up relations with the Cuban government to hear authentic Latin music here in Tampa. After six months of negotiations and great assistance from U.S. Congresswoman Kathy Castor in getting these trade agreements open, trade with the Communist island was accomplished. The group will be playing in Ybor City, Tampa and Madeira Beach for the next three weeks. Then they will be going back to Cuba.

‘Sol y Son’ is a Cuban band. This band of experienced musicians from some of the most prestigious groups in Cuba was founded in 1990. Their reputation has grown since then both nationally and internationally, most notably in the UAE.

A kickoff performance was held at Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant on Fat Tuesday night. Many local business and political leaders attending including Tampa City Councilman Charlie Miranda.

Direct from Cuba! See SOL Y SON live in Ybor City!

3/14 – Herencia Cigar Bar – 9-11pm – FREE Admission

3/20 – Bad Monkey – 6-8pm – FREE Admission

3/21 – Herencia Cigar Bar – 9-11pm – FREE Admission

3/27 – Tequilla’s – 7p-12am – FREE Admission

3/28 – Herencia Cigar Bar – 9-11pm – FREE Admission

‘Sol y Son’ has a wide repertoire of songs which include Latin American and Caribbean rhythms as well as Spanish, English and Arabic classics. All of these are delivered in  ‘Sol y Son’s’ distinctive style which has made them so popular wherever they have played. This Cuban specialty sound’s popularity is nowhere better seen than in the UAE where their contracts have been extended in five star resort hotels in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They have played there for well over a year now.

In addition to the above countries performed, they have presented their material on both radio and TV in their native Cuba, and have been given enthusiastic receptions in renowned tourist centers, conventions and national events.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Back in the 1980s, when I was in my late 20s, I was selling real estate in Tampa. One day a call came into the office. The gentleman was the owner of a large home in a very prestigious neighborhood in South Tampa. He wanted to list his huge home.

I did all the preliminary work and came up with a listing price. When I arrived at his home he gave me a quick tour of his home and then told me that his wife and kids were gone. The next thing I know this guy is all over me. I’m telling him…. no way! No way! Then this scumbag tells me that if I want the listing I will have to have sex with him, now.

Once again I tell him, NO WAY! Then he tells me that if we do not have sex he will call the police and tell them I broke into his home. I laughed in his face and said, “Do burglars break into homes with listing agreements and comps on your home?”

I was out the door.

About six or eight years went by. Then one day he walked into our MC Film store on Kennedy Blvd. He totally forgot about what had happened and did not remember me. I smiled and was very PC polite to him. He then became a regular of ours at MC Film.

To this day he comes by once a month. His wife has since passed away and he still thinks his kids don’t know about him and his secret life. He is now far up in age and always asks where the young boys are.

We all laugh and say “in Tampa somewhere.”



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