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Small Business Spotlight: Carla Martinez, Partner at Marin, Eljaiek and Lopez


Carla Martinez is a South Florida success story. Born and raised in Broward County, she earned her law degree at Barry University in Miami Shores and, after four years practicing law in the state of Florida, she now works as a partner at the law firm of Marin, Eljaiek and Lopez in Coconut Grove.

She has always wanted to help others, and she became introduced to the South Florida LGBT community through one of her many hobbies. Her love of amateur musical theatre introduced her to the community here and she met many life-long friends. It was at that point that she decided she wanted to reach out to the community in her professional life as well. “I’m a very big ally and I want people to know that they can come to me after an accident, knowing that we’ll get the most for them,” she said.

I spoke to Carla Martinez about her law practice in this exclusive Hotspots interview.

If someone comes to you after having been involved in an accident, what do you do to help them pursue their case?

It depends on when they call me. Some clients I know very well and they call me from the scene of the accident. Others may wait a day or two. My main goal is that I strive to get my clients the maximum settlement possible with regard to their injuries. I want to make sure that their quality of living is as close to 100% as possible when compared to before their accident.

What do you find are the things people aren’t aware of when they have an accident and come to you for help?

A lot of the times people think they should contact their insurance companies immediately and also file the other person’s insurance information. Many times insurance companies try to get information out of you that you shouldn’t be providing. You may slip up and give them information and not know it could hurt your claim. That’s where I step in and I try to be the biggest help, to be the voice for my clients. Insurance companies know not to contact my clients directly after they seek my representation.

How can people see you for a consultation?

I have an open door policy; people can come by and see me anytime. I do recommend to call ahead just so you don’t arrive at the office and I’m away from my desk or out at the courthouse. I can’t wait to take more cases from LGBT clients!

Marin, Eljaiek and Lopez is located at 2601 South Bayshore Drive, Suite 850 in Coconut Grove. For a consultation, call (305) 444-5969.

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