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RuPaul’s Drag Race: Eureka Untucked

Rupauls Drag Race Eureka

Week 5 started out with a Selfie mini challenge where the girls had to shoot a selfie in quick drag with the pit crew. Alexis Michelle won and received a $1,000 gift card from FierceQueens.com. We find out that Eureka really hurt herself in the cheerleader challenge and is now on crutches. The Main challenge was the girls starring in Broadways newest sensation (LOL) Kardashian, the Musical, a hip hop “her”stery lesson and lip synch extravaganza. Since Alexis won she got to choose who played which role. On the runway the category was “Faux Fur Fabulous.” Shea Coulee who played Blac Chyna, won the challenge. The bottom 2 were Cynthia and Farrah and after the lips synch a staff member comes over to Ru and she excuses herself for a few minutes and comes back and neither of the bottom 2 go home. Instead she sends Eureka home, due to her injury, and offers her to be on next season.
How shocked were you when Ru came back and made the announcement that you would be leaving and how excited are you to be coming back next season?
I think the shock was that I was called up there to begin with. I assumed they rethought about it and thought I was the worst. I was stunned when she gave me the news. I was going home on something I couldn’t control and nothing could help me. I am extremely excited to be coming back, especially now that surgery is over. I am a fighter and I get to relive my dream. I will be tearing up that competition next season.

What are you going to do to prepare for next season?
Honestly I think I am going to be a little more grown as I have had some time with my injury to learn patience, and I think I am more mature. I am not as thirsty to be the center of attention but more thirsty to win. I have to come in guns blazing as I know they will be expecting more from me.

At what age did drag become an interest & how did you pick your name?
I started going to the bar before I turned 17 and had a fake ID. When I turned 18 the fake ID expired and I couldn’t get into bar, so I decided to dress up in drag, and they let me in. Other drag queens convinced me to do the talent show. I kept doing it and never stopped doing drag

My biological mother’s name was Eureka, so I modeled myself after her. O’hara is my drag father’s last name. His picked the name O’hara from “Gone With The Wind.”

How many times did you apply to be on RPDR and how did it feel when you found out you got chosen?
I applied for 4 year s and it was life changing when I got chosen.

Although it was short, tell me about your RuPaul’s Drag Race experience?
Honestly I loved every second of it even when the pressures were high or they rushed us, My motto was “I am so blessed to be here, and I will do whatever they want.”

Are you single/married, etc.?
Single, and my type is anyone who wants me….LOL! You have to be attracted to me before I get interested in you. I generally like smaller guys, because I need the bed space.
Who do you want to win?
I know most people would be surprised, but Trinity is one of my choices. Even though we do not have a good personal relationship, she is an amazing entertainer. However, my favorites are Sasha or Nina, as they both represent something different in our community. They are both creative and do things out of the box.
Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you.
I have a twin sister.
What’s ahead for Eureka Ohara?
I am actually releasing a single (Ed. Note: already out by the time you read this) and it’s called “Body Positivity.”  I am also releasing a second single in a few weeks called “Stomp,” and it’s about the big girls slaying the runway in the ballroom scene. I am also workig on a one woman show, and it is the story of my life and it called “The Biography of the Un-explored Elephant.”
For more information on Eureka you can go to his website: eurekatheelephantqueen.com

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