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Gay Beer, Same-Sex Dancing Duo & Pete Buttigieg’s Historic Endorsement

Would You Tap That?

Who says straight guys get to have all the fun? Although drinking beer with the bros is traditionally considered a hetero-centric pastime, not everyone is convinced that knocking back a cold one is only for one type of man. Case in point: the founders of Gay Beer!

Jon Moore and Jason Pazmino, who have been deemed the hot daddies of beer, first introduced the gluten-reduced golden lager to the market last December. The craft beer, which invites its target market to “Go straight for Gay Beer,” is sold at over 50 retail locations, including Whole Foods.

“The beer market has a reputation for being supportive of frat boys, the manly men,” said Moore. “We thought of calling it Gay Beer and not being ashamed about it.”

After a successful year on the market, they are hoping to offer two new flavors, an IPA and a blonde ale, in 2020.

Let’s Dance

We recently marveled at the surprising fact that a same-sex pair were dancing up a storm and making some serious waves on the Danish version of “Dancing With the Stars.” Now they’ve also made some serious history! Comedian Jakob Fauerby, 42, and his dancing partner Silas Holst, 36, are now the first same-sex couple to win the overall title.

“What do I say? It’s fantastic,” Fauerby told Danish news site BT. “For once, I am speechless.”

“We would not have stood here if Denmark did not have an open mind and also had courage and dared to do so,” Holst said. “It’s a sense of pride, the pride of diversity, and the Danes.”

Will the U.S. version capitalize on this historic moment and cast a same-sex duo of its own? In the meantime, I just want to f*cking dance!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is slowly but surely ascending the ranks of the Democratic Party. Despite some recent criticisms, including ringing The Salvation Army Bell (tsk-tsk), the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana is gaining in the polls.

In addition to being the first out LGBTQ candidate who has a legitimate shot at winning his party’s nomination, Buttigieg just scored another first. VoteVets, a liberal political action committee that backs veterans running for office, recently announced their support for Mayor Pete.

“We need a candidate who will win,” VoteVets Chairman Jon Soltz said in a statement. “Bar none, Pete gives us the best shot at doing just that. It is time to rally around him, and stop the walking, talking national security threat that is Donald Trump.”

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