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Queer Arizona State Professor Assaulted By Right Wing Hecklers

In a recent disturbing incident on the Arizona State University campus, a queer instructor, David Boyles, was approached and harassed by two associates from the right-wing organization Turning Point USA. The confrontation, partly captured on video, escalated into physical violence, leaving Boyles with facial injuries. Boyles teaches English at the school and is a co-founder of Drag Story Hour Arizona. Drag Story Hour is a national nonprofit with chapters across the country. The groups organize drag events where performers read to kids at libraries, bookstores, and other places. The video commences with one of the Turning Point USA associates approaching Boyles, seeking to engage him in conversation. As the encounter unfolds, the Turning Point USA activist continues with accusations and derogatory remarks, questioning Boyles’ stance on exposing children to drag culture and accusing him of harboring hatred towards Americans. Turning Point USA has previously targeted Boyles on its Professor Watchlist for his advocacy of inclusive programs like Drag Queen Story Hour. The university administration and ASU campus police are investigating the incident as a potential aggravated assault case with a bias towards LGBTQ+ individuals. ASU has also released a letter reiterating its commitment to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for its community, condemning harassment or threatening behavior.

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