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Best Solar Eclipse Images Captured By This Gay Photographer

In 2017, gay photographer Jon Carmichael captured an image of the summer’s total solar eclipse, visible in North America, that mesmerized the world and established him as a visionary in astrophotography. He was back to photograph today’s solar eclipse in the United States, and his fans are eagerly anticipating to see the photographs he took. This time, instead of a commercial airline, Carmichael received an offer to chase the eclipse aboard a private jet from another entertainment mogul, providing him with more control over photographic conditions. While Southwest did extend an offer to fly him and his family, he hesitated as a secretive opportunity emerged. That secret was revealed today as he flew at 55,000 ft for the length of the eclipse totality path on David Copperfield’s private jet. Behind this gay photographer’s accolades lies a story of overcoming personal obstacles and an enduring marvel at the grandeur of the cosmos. His fascination with space and cosmic occurrences commenced during a seventh-grade geography lesson. A basic eclipse demonstration by his teacher, using a flashlight, a globe, and a small ball to simulate the moon, sparked a profound and lasting curiosity. One of the milestones of his career was when Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, invited him to unveil the image at a company-wide event in San Francisco. Carmichael’s career milestones can also be highlighted by his inclusion in Elton John’s art collection, which shines as a bright star—a testament to acknowledgment from one of the world’s most passionate photography collectors. We hope you enjoyed today’s eclipse because it won’t come again until August 2044.

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