bravo-brad-goreski-world-interview-0He is cute, he is sassy and he is definitely fashionable. He is the adorable Brad Goreski who we all came to love on the Rachel Zoe Project. As his new show, “It’s a Brad, Brad World,” gets ready to premiere on Bravo it was a pleasure to sit down with Brad for an exclusive Hotspots Interview.


He is cute, he is sassy and he is definitely fashionable. He is the adorable Brad Goreski who we all came to love on the Rachel Zoe Project. As his new show, “It’s a Brad, Brad World,” gets ready to premiere on Bravo it was a pleasure to sit down with Brad for an exclusive Hotspots Interview.

What is this season of “It’s a Brad, Brad World” focusing on?

The show is focused on me building my business and me as the lead role of stylist as opposed to the assistant role I had with Rachel Zoe. The reason I wanted to do the show was to show the process. My personal and family life is a big focus on this show as I wanted to let people see the other side of my life; my fantastic family and great partner/boyfriend.

There has been some controversy in the news as Rachel’s camp was saying you left to have some down time and they are upset you started your own Stylist business. How do you respond to that?

Unfortunately that wasn’t discussed when I left. The whole point of me going off on my own was to be a lead stylist. I went with Rachel to learn, that’s what most assistants do. I broke off with the intention of being my own stylist.

bravo-brad-goreski-world-interview-1What are the differences between Rachel’s show and your show?

Rachel is at the top of her game… I had to prove myself as an independent stylist. It’s a lot for a celebrity to put their image in your hands. The pace is different.

How hard was it to transition into lead stylist?

It was very hard. It was a whole different amount of stress. The last thing I wanted to do with Rachel was disappoint her. Now it’s about disappointing myself. Being a boss in general is something I had to learn.

Are there any drawbacks after being associated with Rachel Zoe?

No, I think it was an extremely positive experience. The only set back is having to work that much harder to prove I have my own sense of style.

Did the cameras complicate anything as you were going about your day?

I think in some instances yes, as there are times you bump into a camera, etc….but I do have to say that the crew had this production down to a well-oiled machine so it worked so well. They were kind of like Ninja’s everywhere.

Were you at all nervous about sharing your relationship with America?

I was, but I am very proud of my 10 year relationship and he is such a great person; he is funny and charming and handsome, so I though why not. We have a normal life with a family around us that supports us. I have been blessed with a guy who is a strong supporter of me and I feel it’s a positive representation of a gay couple at home. I felt this was an important message to put out there with all the bullying and homophobia going on in the world.

Due to the curse of relationships on reality television, did you have a “don’t go there” look?

No, we made an agreement when he agreed to do the show that if we weren’t having fun or if either of us felt we were acting differently on the show we would address it immediately. Luckily that never happened. In actuality, the show brought us closer together. It was a positive incredible experience.

Who are your fashion icons?

In terms of men, I get inspiration from Tom Brown, Tom Ford and on celebrity front Ryan Gosling; I absolutely love him as he gets it spot-on all the time…he is my number 1. For women Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst are killing it!

How long did it take you to find your own clientele?

I left October and I get my first client, Jessica Alba, at the end of November. So it was about 2 months. After her, it took another 2 months to get another client. But thank god I am busy now. I do owe a lot to Jessica for taking a chance on me and I will always be grateful to her!

Who are styling for right now?

Jessica Alba, Rashida Jones, Noomi Rapace, Abigail Spencer, Shay Mitchell, Christina Ricci, Demi More and a few more are on the horizon.

Who would you love to dress?

It’s been such an organic process finding the people I have worked with. I would love to dress Kristin Wig and Emma Watson.

What have been your career highlights for 2011?

My shoot in the September issue of Details and my first In Style shoot in the March issue.

What are your fashion ideas for the New Years?

Denim shirts, I am obsessed with them as they go with everything. It has replaced the white shirt with me. It’s cool and relaxed.

bravo-brad-goreski-world-interview-2What is your definition of style?

The way you present yourself out in the world and what makes you feel good on a daily basis is your style. Be bold and brave and if it makes you happy on that day and you feel like you can conquer the world than you are in fashion!

What is about you that makes everyone take notice?

I think it’s because I wear things that people wouldn’t picture a guy wearing. I feel I keep it masculine but yet kind of show girly. I have loved clothes my entire life. The wackier the clothes are, the better for me. I like to push the boundaries always!

Are you having any collaboration with designers?

I can definitely say yes, but I cannot say who, but it will be in the near future.

What’s in your emergency kit on a styling job?

I don’t go anywhere without top stick, a hand steamer or footpads. They are all a must!

I hear you are writing a book, what’s it going to be about?

It’s called “Born to be Brad” and it will be out at the end of February and it’s about where my influences came from, internships, and all my experiences. It’s also about my life; being bullied, growing up and how everything shaped me into who I am. I hope it’s an inspirational story for people. I am really proud of it.

What’s ahead for Brad?

My big mission in life is to help get more color out into the streets. Pick the one item that is going to be colorful and put neutrals around it. Don’t we all just want the world to be a more colorful place!

Award season is upon us… I had my first Golden Globe fitting last night. I also have a new project that will be announced after the New Year. A lot of exciting stuff is on the horizon. I am grateful to have a great team to work with me!

Catch “It’s a Brad, Brad World” premiering on January 2 at 10 pm on Bravo.