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March Into the Season’s Hottest Club Tracks

March launches the season of love. Here are the steamiest love songs that should be added to your playlists this spring. “Dance with Me” J.R. Price...


Beat Box Winter’s Hottest Tracks   Baby, it’s cold outside. Well, maybe not so much in Florida but still, it is time to pack away those summer...

Beat Box

New Music to Add to Your Quarantine Playlist From the moment the prospect of quarantining became reality, coronavirus/quarantine/COVID-19 playlists began popping up on Spotify.  Some...

The Season of Love Ushers in New Emotional Jams

As the spring season of love approaches, our favorite indie artists are pulling out some of their most gut-wrenching jams, guaranteed to pull at...

Summer Beat Box: 2019’s Club Songs of the Summer

You know that summer is in full force when all the biggest artists are releasing their hottest jams… so which will go down as...

Eight New Songs For Your Summer Playlist

Taylor Swift is a gay icon on the job! Céline Dion is flying! Katy Perry is not sexualizing buffets! And then, there’s MIKA, your...