Do you want to see a drag queen who describes herself as mix between Joan Rivers and Liza Minnelli? A performer who has only been doing drag for five years, but from his professionalism and stage presence you would think he has been in the field for over 20 years. He works village_pubconsistently in New York City off-Broadway doing one-woman shows, and for one night only, Thursday, March 12, Village Pub is treating South Florida to Marti G Cummings’ one-of-a-kind type of drag.

When did you start doing drag?

Every little gay boy plays dress up so I did that, but I fell into it by accident as I was doing a show off Broadway and they rewrote the character as androgynous and I got the bug from that. I dressed up for a friend’s birthday in a bar and the next day the bar called me to do a weekly gig, and it’s been five years now.

Describe your type of drag to me.

I don’t think there is any definition of drag; the joy of doing drag is it can be anything you want itMarty_copy1 to be. I respect the female impersonators, but I am not that. My goal is to make people laugh, so some days it’s androgynous and some days it’s fish. What I love about drag is you can walk out the door and look different every day. My drag is a very heightened version of myself.

You host the “Not So Late Show.” Can you tell me more about how that got started and what it’s about?

We do it at New World Stages, an off-Broadway theater complex in Times Square. I started working there four years ago and a couple months ago they asked me what I wanted to do, and I told them I love the old variety shows, and Oprah and Jimmy Fallon. So I decided to combine them together in drag and that’s how the “Not So Late Show” came about. I emailed every famous person I know and luckily a lot of them agreed to come on the show. It’s the show I always wanted.

Describe what kind of hostess you are.

Loud, and as a host and MC I am very much Marti…myself! I am very offensive on the microphone, but I am never mean. I am a very colorful character.

Who were your favorite guests?

Julia Murney was a lot of fun, and Annie Golden from Orange is the New Black was also a lot of fun.

Michael Musto describes you as the “love child of Liza Minnelli and Johnny Weir.” How does that make you feel?

Oh my God, I loved it, as it was said after my first drag appearance. And I do a lot of Liza numbers and I even interviewed her, so I was stoked! She can do no wrong!

What should the South Florida audience expect from your performance?

Expect the unexpected!

For more information on Marti, you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram @MartiGCummings.