Love Never Dies Utica, NY

I was privileged enough to get to  see Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Love Never Dies the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera on it opening night at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

If you know me, you know I love shows, but let’s just say this one is one of the best. I know there are a lot of die-hard Phantom of the Opera fans, but I urge you to open your minds and heart and you will love this sequel as much as I did.

Love Never Dies, features the leading characters we all know: Phantom, Christine Daaé, Raoul, Madame Giry and Meg Giry as well as a new character, Gustave – who is Christine’s son.

All six actors are amazing, but the standouts are Meghan Picerno (Christine), and Casey J. Lyons (Gustave). Meghan’s acting is top notch and singing is far superior to the usual musical theater level voices we are used to. There was not a dry eye on the house after her eloquent singing of the title song. For me, she is the best Christine ever, while the angelic voiced Casey gives an awe inspiring performance as Gustave. He has acting chops far superior to his age and the voice of a superstar.


Can we now talk about the sets? The only word that comes to mind is UNBELIEVABLE, and they are constantly in motion. There are times if you blink the set has completely changed to something even more magnificent. I have always felt that the Broadway Across America shows are top notch and equals almost anything you can see on Broadway. The only thing that the shows can sometimes not equal are the permanent sets. Love Never Dies has played in London, Australia, Japan, and Germany and I have no doubt that the sets on the tour are equally as good as the ones when they have permanent homes. I honestly believe that this production will make it to Broadway!

I don’t want to give away a lot about the plot, but I will tell you it is set 1907 New York (10 years after Phantom of the Opera) and finds the scourge of the Paris Opera House now running Phantasma, a colorful amusement complex at Coney Island. The Phantom tricks Christine Daae (who is now a world renowned Soprano), and her family to come to New York, as he is starved for the opportunity to hear Christine sing again.

From reading this mini-review, I am sure you have figured out that I highly recommend you go see Love Never Dies, but you will have to hurry as the show has its final performance at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts this Sunday, November 19 at 1p.m. Tickets start at only $30 at