Bliss CARES, a nonprofit organization in Orlando, Florida is pleased to feature “LOVE YOURSELF” tonight February 13 at 6 p.m. at Bliss CARES. This event is a kickoff party for the TRANSaction 6-part educational series, consisting of topics such as Dating Safety, HIV and STD education, Discrimination, Employment, Bias and Name Change/Gender Marker.  This transgender exclusive event will offer you the opportunity to network with peers, ask any questions you may have about the series and register for the upcoming session, starting in March. We are offering two concurrent groups; one for trans men and one for trans women, catering to the specific needs of each group.

Program goals are to assist Transgender individuals to become lifelong leaders, peer mentors, and advocates in the community. This will help to create a movement of awareness, understanding, acceptance, support and unity.

The mission of Bliss CARES is to save lives by treating and preventing the spread of HIV, Hepatitis and STD’s. We strive to serve every person who walks through our doors, regardless of ability to pay. Since the agency opened their doors in June 2016, they have provided medical payment assistance to 330 clients and paid over 600,000 for clients who are underinsured, uninsured and individuals experiencing financial hardship.

To register for TRANSaction or to attend the kickoff party please call 407.590.6042 or email TRANSACTION@BLISSCARES.ORG.

Bliss CARES is located at 2901 Curry Ford Road -Orlando, FL.