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Church Pastor Launches ‘Drag Queen Bible Story Hour’ To Protest Florida’s Governor DeSantis

Florida has become a scary place for Drag Queens. And Texas. And Idaho. Well, across America in 2022. Drag Queens have been pulled into the culture war from the radical right to sell a fear message to parents that Drag Queens are sexualizing their children and worse. The phrase ‘grooming’ has been a common reference of Drag Queen Story Hours at Libraries and other locations by Governors Ron Desantis and Texas Governor Abbott and more.

Sunshine Cathedral, the world’s largest queer church located in Fort Lauderdale will host four holiday ‘Bible Story Hours’ for Advent. Advent is a month-long pre Christmas Holiday celebration observed in most Christian denominations as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for both the celebration of the Nativity of Christ at Christmas and the return of Christ at the Second Coming. It literally means the beginning of the holiday season. Senior minister Rev Dr. Durrell Watkins will host four ‘Drag Queen Bible Story Hours’ every Wednesday starting November 30, then December 7, 14, and 21. He will present in Glam Drag as Rev Dr. Dragvina Scriptura. She will read fun and relevant bible stories with a new and interesting twist. The Drag Queen Bible Story Hour will be appropriate for all ages.

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