In Florida, a dispute between Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and Disney has ended with a settlement. This resolution concludes nearly two years of legal battles over the governance of Walt Disney World’s overseeing district. The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District’s board members approved the settlement on Wednesday. According to the six page settlement, Disney agreed to temporarily halt its appeal of a court ruling, aiming to negotiate a new growth plan with tax district officials. Additionally, Disney agreed to cease litigation against the tax district in state court. Governor DeSantis hailed the settlement as a validation of the state’s actions. The disagreement in question arose after DeSantis criticized Disney for its opposition to the state’s controversial education law. In 2022, Disney openly opposed Florida’s “don’t say gay” law, limiting discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity in schools. In response, Governor DeSantis, with backing from the Republican-led legislature, appointed new board members to the district, challenging Disney’s influence. In January, a federal judge dismissed Disney’s lawsuit against DeSantis and his appointees. Before DeSantis took control, Disney was granted significant authority over design and construction at Disney World through an agreement. However, members appointed by DeSantis argued against such authorities. Disney then responded by seeking judicial confirmation of the legality and enforceability of the agreement. The recent settlement resolves this dispute.