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Hotspots! Magazine’s Hot Body Contest

Voting for Hotspots! Magazine’s Hot Body Contest will be open until July 23, and we will announce the winner in the August 4 edition of Hotspots! Magazine. You may vote for as many Hotspots Hotties as you want, but voting is limited to once per device. The winner will receive $500 ($250 in cash and $250 in prizes).

Alejandro Perez
Arwin Mantilla
Bremen Menelli
Brian Hirschberg
Deiler Beltran
Diego Robles
Emanuel Zumbo
Enrique Olaya
Evan Peix
Ever Pacheco
Greg Ford
James Bonilla
Javett McGee
Javier Valdez
Jon Davis
Luis Mentegui
Tavarius Graves
Timo Pierpont
Wesley Escobar