SeaWorld is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, and at all the SeaWorld theme parks nationwide — including the one in Orlando (7007 Sea World Drive) — many great deals and surprises are being passed down to every park visitor. So many, in fact, that SeaWorld is billing the anniversary as a “Sea of Surprises”!

To ensure as many people get to visit SeaWorld as possible, the price of the weekday and any day tickets have been reduced. Now people can go to SeaWorld for as low as $65 on weekdays and $80 any day of the week. Don’t want your fun to stop there? A special pass, valid for two weeks, allows unlimited entry to SeaWorld, the water park Aquatica, and SeaWorld’s sister theme park in Tampa, Busch Gardens, for just $156. You can book your tickets online by visiting

The biggest change to SeaWorld for its 50th anniversary year is the new Shamu Show. This show is called One Ocean and combines lights and music with the beautiful graceful movements of the killer whale. To give fans the feeling that we are close to the whales, there are even more chances to see them up close, including the special “Dine with Shamu” option. If you choose this option, you can be seated poolside and have a special meal with the whales and their trainers. (Tickets cost $34, see for more information.)

If you like to have the chance to see animals and other wildlife in person at SeaWorld, there are more chances for you to have these experiences during SeaWorld’s anniversary year. First off, SeaWorld is proud to introduce many animals who were given a second chance at life and happiness. Rescued by the SeaWorld Team, some of these animals were abandoned or even injured in the wild and now thrive in the park. See for yourself how well these animals have adapted after dealing with heartbreaking beginnings.

Also being showcased this year is a mobile bubble lab vehicle, which will traverse the length of the park and will entertain guests by creating bubbles both big and small. Also, a slapstick dance troupe called the Splash Dancers will have people clapping and laughing as they entertain the crowds on their way through the park. Finally, be prepared for an extra One Ocean Shamu Show, which will be held each evening as weather permits.

This year has so much in store that it’s sure to be a fun time for both new visitors and longtime fans of SeaWorld Orlando!

SeaWorld’s 50th anniversary celebrations continue through September 2015. Find out more about the anniversary celebrations and other seasonal events by visiting