The South Florida Men’s Wellness Conference

A Virtual 2-Day Workshop & Discussion 

Day 1: Friday, September 24th
– Morning Conference from 9am-12:30pm
– Evening Social from 7pm-10pm

The South Florida Men’s Wellness Conference’s Friday Morning Session is geared to the HIV Prevention Workforce – employees of FDOH-funded HIV testing & prevention providers; public health, nursing & med school students & professionals; as well as to community members who are interested in participating.

Conference Schedule 

Welcome to day 1 – Welcome & Acknowledgments

Opening Plenary: (Why Men’s Wellness? Why now?)
What men’s health looks like today, COVID, what men should know about their health and hygiene.

{10 Minute Break}

Session 1: Taking Care of the Caretaker
life/work balance and local resources

{10 Minute Break}

Session 2: Harm Reduction
Substance Use in South Florida
How to ask clients about substance use?

{10 Minute Break}

Current HIV Prevention Messages

Conference Social Event

Trivia Night: Join us for our Online Zoom South Florida Men’s Wellness Conference Social Event presented by the Gay Vista Social Club. The special Trivia wellness edition will be hosted by Dr. Horacio Sierra and will include music along with a cocktail demonstration.

Day 2: Saturday, September 25th
– Conference from 9:30am – 3:30pm

A day filled with health and wellness sessions for the mind, body and soul geared to community member men (both HIV- or HIV+) who have sex men.

Conference Schedule

Session 1
Morning Yoga

Welcome to Day 2 – Welcome & Acknowledgments

Session 2
Nutrition, Diet, & Exercise
*How Blood Type & Nutrition Intersect

{10 Minute Break}

Session 3
Future of HIV Medication & Prevention


1:10- 2:00pm
Session 4
HIV/STD Prevention & Treatment Community Conversation
MSM Services, What are we doing to End the HIV Epidemic

{10 Minute Break}

Session 5
Hook-up culture, sex positivity, safety, gender and sexuality

Conference Closing Evaluation