Bayview Smile Design, located at 2740 E. Commercial Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, is committed to providing great customer service straight from the most knowledgeable dentists and dental hygienists South Florida has to offer. The three dentists at this practice are Daniel Fenton, TYH_BaybiewSmile_copyNathalie Vera and James Kerns, all youthful and all top-of-their-class graduates from Nova Southeastern University’s School of Dental Medicine. In fact, Dr. Vera was the youngest graduate in her class! These bright minds have one common goal: to give you the most beautiful smile possible.

I spoke with the office manager, Val Dhanrha, about Bayview Smile Design in this exclusive Hotspots interview.

Tell me about the procedures you offer at this practice.

We do all forms of dentistry at this practice. Very rarely do we need to refer a patient outside the practice, because we can do pretty much everything here, from fillings and root canals to orthodontics to cosmetic procedures like veneers. Our office is very high-end and all of our technology is very state-of-the-art.

What are the most common reasons patients come in for cosmetic dental procedures?

TYH_BaybiewSmile_copy2Some people may be unhappy with their smile, so they come in and see how they can straighten their teeth. Then, after they’re done with braces, they might say that their teeth are nice and straight but they’re not a big fan of the color of their teeth. From there we would recommend whitening techniques, and they also have the option for full complex rehabilitation with veneers.

For people who may not know the specifics, what are veneers and how are they applied?

Veneers literally cover the base of the teeth. It’s made of the same material as an acrylic nail, zirconia. An impression of your teeth is taken and we send it to the lab, and then we cement the veneers onto the teeth, and they’re forever! A lot of people love the smile they have after they get veneers.

What sets this dentist’s office apart from others in the area?

When you walk into our office, the customer service that our staff exhibits stands out immediately. The way you’re greeted, the way you’re treated, all of it is very warm. We give an individual hand-written letter and present to each new patient. When you’re waiting in the chair TYH_BaybiewSmile_copy3for your dentist, we give you anything you need to feel at home. You can get a blanket, an iPad, headphones, anything. Even if you’re coming in for an emergency dental procedure, you are treated the exact same way — patients matter to us. People are more than just numbers here.

The dentists also give a lot back to the community. For example, on November 14 there’s going to be an event called “A Day of Hope.” The dentists will be offering free dentistry to anyone who needs it for the entire day. The first 100 patients who come in at 8 a.m. will get X-rays and anything else that they need, and then they can choose to have either one filling or extraction or one cleaning. It’s all free and it’s our way of giving back.

What kinds of compliments has the dental practice received from satisfied patients?

We get positive reviews on a daily basis. We have an entire wall of reviews that we just copy and paste from, so people can see what’s being said about us. This encompasses our website, our Facebook page, our Yelp page, and reviews that we ask our patients to fill out once they are done with their procedures. Everyone is just really wowed by the customer service they receive, and how gentle all the doctors are. They love that the treatments and the shots are almost painless. Some patients actually ask us if they can write a review on us. That makes us feel really great.

Do you take insurance?

Our doctors take every kind of PTO insurance, but we are only on a few of the HMO plans, maybe two or three. You can call and ask us if your insurance plan is accepted.TYH_BaybiewSmile_logo

Bayview Smile Design is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. To schedule a complimentary consultation, call (954) 357-3414 or e-mail For more information on the dental office, the dentists and the treatments offered, visit