Hi there, and welcome back for your Fashion Fix! I’ll be sharing with you some fashion trends: this week I have some trends in menswear for you as we wind down summer and head into fall. So, let’s get started!FF-3034_Burberry

Men’s shirt hemlines are rising closer to the relaxed waist (where most men wear their pants now, as the natural waist is closer to where your dad wears his pants!), giving a little flash of skin here and there. We saw this trend on the runways at the Bottega Veneta, Dries Van Noten and Versace Spring/Summer 2015 shows in fluid textiles which give a slinky relaxed feel.

Pants continue to steer away from the skinny/hipster style, staying at the relaxed fit, giving ample room for the thigh and coming a little closer to a modern fitted silhouette closer to the ankle. These trends were all over the Burberry Prorsum and Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer FF-3034_Pradashows.

We also saw the infusion of bright colors in footwear, headwear and outerwear in hues of purples, greens, blues, and oranges in the Burberry Prorsum, Dior Homme and Raf Simons collections.

Another interesting trend in the Burberry Prorsum collection is the use of colors in summer that are traditionally saved for winter, such as plum and olive. These colors were used in denim and corduroy waistcoats as well as trench coats, which all featured large oversized safari patch pockets.

The Tom Ford and Prada collections both showcased a heavy use of denim in outerwear, as well as shirts and pants, all with the exquisite FF-3034_TomFordtailoring and masculinity we have come to expect from both fashion houses. Prada showed a ’70s-inspired collection with contrasting colored top stitching which aimed to showcase design details in their blazers and jackets, while Tom Ford went with a more modern and very fitted silhouette in everything from pants, shirts, and suits to even some of its outerwear. This collection has a very all-American, James Dean feel to it, with leather and suede jackets and denim jeans, dress shirts and even a fitted denim pullover sweater! (Sounds horrible, I KNOW, but it’s actually quite sexy!)

Nautical stripes were featured in the Dior Homme and Gucci shows. I know, it’s a hard trend to FF-3034_Guccipull off, but remember, if you go vertical rather than horizontal with your stripes, it will elongate your body and make you look taller!

A trend seen in every show for Spring/Summer 2015 is the use of shorts in textiles normally reserved for men’s suiting and trousers. This trend brings a tailored and more dressed-up look to your casual wear and can very easily go from daywear into nighttime during the hotter times of the year, especially here in Florida!

It really does seem like blue is the color of the season, with heavy use in all shows and in hues that are all over the spectrum. I’m not sure if this is because, statistically, blue is the most frequently chosen color by people as their favorite, or if the “cerulean” trend has finally hit its pinnacle within the industry, but there it is…EVERYWHERE!

Crazy prints are also very prevalent this season in everything from floral repeats to animal motifs. This trend brings a bit of humor to menswear that says, “I just don’t care because I’m feeling myself today!” It personally is not for me, but if you want to run around looking like a tourist in Hawaii, go ahead…this is the season for it!

Well, that’s it for me this week; I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope you feel empowered to try something new with your wardrobe this season. Keep in mind that ultimately, fashion is just clothing…don’t take it so seriously, and have fun with it!