Ptown halloween

You can always Come Home again when it is ’Home’ to Provincetown


You don a costume, wait till dark and collect bags of candy-is there any wonder why Halloween trick or treating is one of our favorite childhood holidays? For most grown-ups Halloween is simply a memory but in the Never Land, better known as Provincetown, Halloween is one of the biggest celebrations of the year where trick or treating takes on an entirely new meaning and the trick may actually be more fun than the treat.


When it comes to Halloween nobody does it better than Provincetown where it is never a one night affair. The festivities begin to kick on October 27th when Provincetown’s retail shops start humming as visitors and locals build their costumes for the week-end. There is no need for anyone to schlepp a costume to Provincetown.  Beads and bangles and what nots can be found across town at thrift stores, retail shops, and specialized costumers, for the town is Mardi Gras central when it comes to finding the perfect, and if you choose, outrageous get-up for Halloween. Dressing up is P’town’s stock in trade and the shops pretty much have the market cornered when it comes to the, something for everyone, outfit. As for make-up there are a number of shops ready to do you, in whatever fantasy you desire.


Once your look is set you are ready for the non- stop revelry happening everywhere. You have to love a town where an entire street turns into a haunted neighborhood, a local theatre is transformed into a walk-thru house of chills and thrills and the town hall hosts an epic Masquerade Ball on Saturday, October 28.

Day and night, the nightclubs come to life with no shortage of entertainment and this is Provincetown, so DJs and juke boxes are pumping at a variety of locations throughout the town.


What good is it to build an amazing costume if there is nowhere to show it off? In P’town there is no better stage than the street. Provincetown’s mile long main drag offers the best free show in town. Imaginative, provocative, and downright ingenious, the array of costumes is mind boggling and the best viewing can be found in the endless street parade. It is too much fun to hold for one night so you can depend on the parade partying to begin on October 27 and continue thru 31.


Adding a fun dimension to the Halloween bacchanal is the annual arrival of the bears for Spooky Bear Weekend. Cubs, Otters, Chubs, Pandas, Polars and of course the requisite Goldilocks are all welcome to join our hirsute friends at a number of Bear events happening all weekend long including the Greet n’ Treat, Spooky Tea, Spooky Ball, Spooky Fun House.. you get the idea it is Spooky Bear time all around. The restaurants are all hip to the fact that Bears and friends love good food and you will find a number of special menus tailored especially to those manly appetites. Check out for a score card of events that will increase as Halloween draws closer.
Everyone wants to get into the act to re-live and celebrate a holiday which is way too much fun to leave to the kids.