Take a cue from Lorena Canals and find your inner pink inspiration this Valentine’s Day. Love is all around—especially in the home! For over 15 years, Lorena Canals has been designing globally eclectic rugs and accessories that have revolutionized the home décor market. The collection is machine washable, hypo-allergenic and made with non-toxic chemicals, natural dyes and without environmental hazards. The result is beautifully designed, eco-friendly and exceptionally-made rugs and home accessories. Celebs fans include Penelope Cruz, Jessica Simpson, Michael Phelps, and Kim Kardashian. Take a look below and be inspired!


Rugs—Bereber Vintage Nude ($260), Trace Vintage Nude Rug ($259), Trace Woodrose Rug ($259), Hippy Stars Pink Rug ($179), Ombré Coral Pink/Lavender Rug ($259), Terrazzo Rose Quartz Rug ($260), Canyon Air Rose Rug ($299), Canyon Rose Water Rug ($349), Tie Dye Pink Rug ($239), Bubbly Soft Pink Rug ($259), Geometric Pink Rug ($259), Puffy Heart Pink Rug ($215), ABC Vintage Nude Rug ($215), Pink Biscuit Rug ($200) and Pink Little Biscuit Rug ($200). 

Baskets & Wall Hangings—Pink Tassels Basket ($59), Zoco Ash Rose Basket ($65), Pebbles Vintage Nude Basket ($59), Bazaar Ash Rose Basket ($69), Sahara Nude Fringes Basket ($69), Bubbly Pink Basket ($49), Earth Canyon Rose Wall Hanging ($65), Pink & Purple Pom Pom Garland ($29), and Tie Dye Pink Wall Hanging ($49). 

Blankets & Cushions—Pink Heart Cushion ($59), Vintage Hippy Stars Nude Cushion ($49), Fuchsia Heart Cushion ($59), Terrazzo Rose Cushion ($65), Square Vintage Cushion ($59), Tie Dye Pink Cushion ($49), Bubbly Pink Baby Blanket ($45), Stripes-Natural  Vintage Nude Knitted Blanket ($95), and Ombré Pink-Lavender Blanket ($95).Find Lorena Canals’ Rugs online and in stores nationwide ($249-$299).  

Visit their website at and check them out on Instagram (#WashableRugs).