Bakeries are an essential part of communities across America. The American LGBTQ+ community has always been in love with bakery buns. Today, bakeries are celebrated for their authentic old-school style and fresh offerings from cookies to cakes. Florida is brimming with bakeries, both old and new. Only one, however, made it onto Mashable’s best in the country list. The wonderful B Bistro + Bakery in Miami is arguably one of the most delicious bakeries in the state.

This trendy Miami hot spot is open for brunch every day of the week. The eatery showcases elevated plates from salmon tartine to decadent pastelito pancakes topped with cream cheese mousse, guava preserve, brown butter maple, and vanilla crumble.

The real star of the show here however is the bistro’s bakery. Known for its innovative and unique treats, you won’t find the basic run-of-the-mill muffin at B Bistro. Instead, the bakery turns out something that is known as the cruffin. A cross between a croissant and a muffin, this delectable treat is what helped put B Bistro on the map and it is not something to be missed. The unique texture and taste of the cruffin have been described by food bloggers across the country as every adult and child’s dream. This is a favorite place of queers in Florida state.