In 2013, video game developer Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment joined forces to create a zombie apocalypse game called ‘The Last of Us’. It features the story of a smuggler named Joel as he attempts to get a young girl named Ellie across the country as part of a job. The game was groundbreaking in its storytelling and acting, and focused on the emotional struggles of survivors, including the struggle of young Ellie coming to terms with her being a lesbian. The game remains one of the top-rated games for the Playstation on rating website Metacritic. Now, HBO has taken on the task of creating a series based on the award-winning game, and will be featuring more information on Brazil Comic-Con on December 1st through 4th. The teaser trailer for the series features haunting scenes of Joel and Ellie navigating the devastation that was once the United States, and gives us a glimpse of Ellie’s best friend and love interest Riley.