Mitch Orkis, the co-founder of the queer-owned sex company Cake, created his brand to offer a more accessible shopping experience for sex-related products. Orkis said: “The amount of content and education we put forward, the tone of voice we use, and the shame-free aspect paired with the affordable price point really help to make Cake accessible. We don’t think pleasure should be discriminatory or based on your income.”

It’s so accessible that Cake’s products can be purchased on the next aisle over from your household paper towels and laundry soap at mainstream big-box retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and as Marjorie Taylor Greene pointed out last month, CVS and Target.

Cake offers affordable toys and accessories like a moisturizing play cream, a powerful mini massager, an air-suction toy, a long-lasting silicone lubricant, a cushiony hybrid lubricant, a beginner-friendly backside play trio, a double-sided stroker, and more.