TransChristianity community on Reddit discussed What Jesus Would Say About The LGBTQ+ Community? One user u/ds_5555 shared a post asking, “Would Jesus want us to “deny ourselves” of our dysphoria? Matthew 6:24” The post asked what Jesus would say if he were alive in modern times.

The user said, “ I don’t believe Jesus would harp on this as a sin, he didn’t focus too much on gender or gender roles.”

The user also tried to understand the true meaning of Matthew 6:24.

Does this mean God believes the righteous thing to do is to deny ourselves of the desire to transition and commit to Him instead?

The account user believes it is possible to commit to god even though the person is transitioned. Rather the commitment can be better as the person’s mental health and well-being are higher.

Other Reddit Users replied to this question with their own opinions and views.

One user said, “ Do not worry about the outside of the cup, it is what is on the inside that brings nourishment or death.”

Another user said, “ Transitioning is an act of God because it’s an act of creation. If Jesus the Prophet lived today, he would stand on the side of trans people because he stands on the side of the oppressed. He would take joy in your transition.”