@OUTshineFilmFestival 25th anniversary, which is going to feature a centerpiece film and party. The movie is set in Rome in the 1970s and stars Penelope Cruz as Clara, the mother of a 13-year-old girl named Adriana, who identifies as a boy named Andrew. The film explores the relationship between mother and child as well as Andrew’s experiences as a transgender person. The film features a pop soundtrack and musical numbers that help to tell the story. The festival organizers struggled to find a film that would represent the industry well while also being an audience pleaser. The film festival aims to provide an important focus point for all communities, and they hope that people will take a chance and come to see the film. The film’s organizers believe that most people in the Miami-Dade County community would be delighted to learn more about the trans experience and that it would help to dispel misunderstandings and misconceptions about the community.