Gay Reddit defends a twink who got called a cheapskate for taking his date to Olive Garden.

Do you think you are family when you are at Olive Garden? Not for the Reddit user whose date criticized him for treating him to dinner at the Italian-American restaurant chain. In a post on the r/askgaybros, one account holder, who claimed to work at Olive Garden shared a story of how his low-on-money-date ridiculed him for choosing a restaurant where he works and using an employee discount to pay the bill. He shares that after they left, the date texted him, calling him a cheapskate.

Though the post writer wants to forget this incident, the commenters are not tolerating this nonsense.

One commentator said, “The guy sounds like a gold digger. He doesn’t want to pay for anything but gets upset when the person treating him saves money.”

Was the employee cheap, or he just tried to save some money where he could?