A University of Wyoming sorority has hit back at members who complained about a trans woman being accepted into their local chapter — insisting the term woman is unquestionably open to many interpretations. Seven sorority sisters from the Kappa Kappa Gamma sued the sorority in March, saying that the chapter violated its own rules by admitting Artemis Langford last year. Six of the women then refiled the lawsuit in May after a judge twice barred them from suing anonymously. The lawsuit claimed Langford’s presence in the Kappa Kappa Gamma house made some sorority members uncomfortable. It alleged that the trans pledge would sit on a couch for hours while “staring at them without talking.” On Tuesday, Kappa Kappa Gamma filed a motion to dismiss the suit, claiming that it is a frivolous attempt to kick Langford out for their political purposes. The motion also suggested the complaining members resign from the sorority if its position of inclusion is too offensive for them. In a separate filing Tuesday in support of the sorority’s motion to dismiss the case, an attorney for Langford wrote that the lawsuit also fails to mention any wrongdoing or seek relief from Langford.