On a Thursday evening, I arrived at Salimar Ceviche Bar on Oakland Park Blvd., ready to explore some Peruvian dishes.

I brought along my sister, Sheri, who is Vegan, but will occasionally eat fish. I knew her pescatarian side would appreciate a place that specializes in ceviche and has a variety of seafood dishes.

Upon entering the restaurant, there is a nice, upscale, yet casual vibe. The dining room is decorated with cheerful bright colors and has comfortable seating.

When we walked in, we were greeted by Dali, who was very warm and friendly and showed us to our seats. She immediately explained the Peruvian history of the chef/owners – who are two Peruvian brothers –and the restaurant and handed us menus with such beautiful pictures, I wanted to try it all!

Chicha Morada

We each started with a Peruvian signature drink of Chicha Morada, a refreshing purple corn drink flavored with cloves. We also tried a taste of the Chicha De Jora, at my sister’s insistence, because she read that it was a favorite of Inca royalty. The brown drink was a little sweet and a little sour.

For those who like a drink with their meal, Salimar serves beer and sangria.

We were also served a snack bowl of salted dried Peruvian corn kernels.

Papa A La Huancaina

Our food experience started with an appetizer of Papa A La Huancaina ($9.95), which are sliced, steamed potatoes covered with a “Magic Sauce” of cheeses and yellow pepper (aji amarillo).  The sauce was very good and creamy and complimented the potatoes very well. The presentation was beautiful!

Ceviche De Pescado/Mixto

Being that “Ceviche Bar” was the name of the restaurant, I had to try it.  We had the Ceviche De Pescado/Mixto ($18.95), which is fresh fish filets cut in cubes, marinated with limes, red onion, and Peruvian peppers. It was served with traditional corn, cancha, and sweet potato.  The Flavor was excellent and had a nice mild spiciness to it!  I was hesitant to share, but being the big brother, I did. The ceviche dishes start at $16.95.

Next, we planned our main courses.

Sheri wanted to change out beef for fish in her dish and the restaurant was very accommodating in making the change. Dali said that they have no problem with substitutions.

Lomo Saltado

Sheri ordered the Lomo Saltado ($19.95), but instead of the traditional beef, the chef substituted fish flambé with pisco on the wok and served it with reduction of Asian sauces, onion, tomato, cilantro, yellow pepper, served over crispy French fries and white rice.


I had the meat, of course, a ribeye grilled with a green Peruvian-style creamy paste of spinach, basil, cheese from Huarochiri. I accompanied it with sweet plantains and a salad. ($25.95).

Mousse de Lúcuma

To top off the night, we split the Mousse de Lúcuma and I had a café con leche.

Overall, the presentation of all the food was beautiful and the service was excellent!

The staff makes you feel like family, welcoming you into their home to enjoy their delicious food!

Salimar Ceviche Bar
199 E Oakland Park Blvd.
Oakland Park, FL 33334