Helmed by Head Brewer Lauren Hughes and Lead Brewer Nina Santiago, Necromancer’s brewing program focuses on their “Resurrection Series” while also peppering in plenty of hoppy goodness with hazies, West Coast IPAs, and contemporary takes. But beer isn’t everything at Pittsburgh’s Necromancer Brewing. Funny enough, being human and treating anyone who wants to enjoy beer humanely has been a core component of the brewery since the beginning. Head brewer at Necromancer, Hughes admits she started Necromancer’s Queer Beer Club selfishly. When she first got into craft beer, she never had a place to go out as her authentic self. It was difficult for her to go to a brewery or a homebrew club and try to talk to people because she didn’t look like or act like them. At Necromancer, Hughes wanted to create an event series where people could come to the brewery and feel comfortable drinking and talking to the staff about beer. Modeled off old-school gay bars that required membership cards, Queer Beer Club happens one night a month, inviting Queer people to Necromancer to enjoy themselves, drink beer, and be around people like them in a safe space. What started as a meet-and-greet happy hour has expanded into a myriad of events, including skate nights, burlesque shows, a Queer country theme, and even Queer wrestling.