It’s June 1981 and the first reporting begins on a mysterious new “gay health care crisis” is starting to be whispered about. It was what would later be called AIDS. In no time in LGBTQ+ history has our community faced a medical, emotional and societal challenge like it. One of the common reports of the last 42 years of HIV/AIDS is shame. Of those who have it, and those in our society on their attitudes towards those who have HIV/AIDS. It’s called Stigma. The Aqua Foundation For Women hosted a conference On Saturday called ‘Break The Stigma, An HIV/AIDS Conference For Women & Femmes’. The day-long event had workshops, speakers, panel discussions and more for lesbian and queer women, trans women and allies. The program talked about the health consequences, especially the mental health aspects of today’s HIV. Moderated by Aqua Executive Director Mateo Ventura Bruer, panelist included Sunserve Director of Women and Trans Services, Misty Eyez; LGBTQ+ Activist LaTonya Hopson and more. The large crowd for the conference was held at the Happening Out Television Studios on the campus of Sunshine Cathedral.