A caller used anti-LGBTQ+ hate speech to issue a bomb threat against a library in Davis, California near Sacramento. This forced the Mary L. Stephens Library and a nearby elementary school to evacuate. The threat came the day after a right-wing group tried to have an event at the library that didn’t go as expected. On Sunday, the Yolo County chapter of Moms for Liberty, an anti-civil rights, held an event attacking transgender athletes’ inclusion in sports. As the event progressed, audience complaints prompted library staff to warn speakers that misgendering athletes violates the library’s code of conduct. Library staff member Scott Love interjected and asked speakers to be respectful or if they continued misgendering trans athletes, be asked to leave. Love explained that in California, under state law, transgender women are recognized as women. Sophia Lorey, a former college soccer player at Vanguard University, who was speaking at the event, continued her speech anyway and was soon joined by far-right anti-trans activist Erin Friday. The event eventually came to a halt. In the evening, one conservative activist Jonathan Zachreson posted his account of the event on Twitter. Soon the anti-trans activist Riley Gaines shared the post demanding the name and phone number of the librarian. The next day, before 3 PM police issued an alert in response to the bomb threat after several right-wing publications and blogs published articles on the incident.