Advertisement has released its seasonal batch of new words. Many of them are gloriously gay. As explains, the new additions “represent the always-evolving nature of English, which is why “nepo baby” and “Big Pharma” made the cut. That’s also why’s lexicographers made a dictionary-wide change for this update, working to replace binary pronouns in various definitions. Rather than saying “his or her,” many such instances have been replaced with “their,” or have been rewritten to remove pronouns altogether. lexicographer K.E. Callaway wrote in the website’s update post that the change was made for inclusivity and usage. As far as new terms go, added “gay marry” as a verb, which of course means to marry a person of the same gender. “Stealth,” the term used to refer to trans people who pass as cisgender full-time without revealing that they’re trans, was also included in this round of updates. also added a handful of definitions for various sexual orientations and gender identities for various sexual orientations and gender identities. “Amalgagender,” for one, refers to someone whose gender identity is informed by the fact that they are intersex. Also included are “autosexual” and “autoromantic,” which refer to people whose primary sexual/romantic attraction is directed toward themselves.