A group of religiously motivated individuals gathered around the Cook Carillon Tower at Grand Valley State University in Michigan to preach to people passing by about Christian salvation, specifically targeting LGBTQ+ and anti-abortion issues. The street preachers were mostly concerned with individuals who identify within the LGBTQ+ community, calling out to passing students saying their actions and life choices have condemned them to a “life in hell.” As a result, the students responded to these street preachers with shouts, homemade signs, and pride flags showing their support for the communities under fire. Students expressed confusion surrounding how the group was permitted on campus without any intervention from the university. Adam LaCroix, the leading member of the preaching group, set up a microphone and multiple tripods to livestream for his ministry’s YouTube Channel TeamJesusPreachers. Team Jesus Preachers is a religious organization based in Fort Myers, Florida that travels around the country to stand on street corners and college campuses “to spread the gospel.”