The city, often called “The Gayest Place on Planet Earth,” is living up to its reputation. First, city commissioners voted to declare Wilton a ‘Sanctuary City.’ While largely symbolic, it is an official statement that, essentially, rebukes Governor DeSantis and his fascist enablers in Tallahassee, and says we reject, and are not complicit in, their hateful, anti-LGBTQ+ agenda. The second action is more tangible. Wilton Police launched a “Safe Space” program. Businesses can display a rainbow-shield decal, letting people know that victims of hate crimes can come in and safely wait for police to arrive. These actions are urgently needed. Hate crimes and threats against the community are at an all time high. Just last week, Sunshine Cathedral was vandalized. This time it was eggs. Next time? Who knows? These threats are changing our behavior. Over the weekend, I saw an abandoned backpack on a bench by Alibi Plaza, the heart of Wilton Drive. Just a few years ago, it likely wouldn’t have caught my eye. But we are in the age of see something, say something. I called non-emergency dispatch. An officer came out, inspected it, and cleared the scene. We cannot be too careful. Wilton Manors is leading the way. You can read more about both initiatives in this week’s Out South Florida.