Queer News Tonight dives into the sizzling topic of DILFs (Dads I’d Like to…), exploring the characteristics that define these attractive individuals. In the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, we embrace the idea that love knows no gender boundaries.

️‍♂️ What Makes Up a Daddy? Characteristics of DILFs: Unravel the mystery of what makes up a daddy as we explore the characteristics that define DILFs. Drawing inspiration from the inclusive love of Aphrodite, we celebrate diversity and break gender norms.

Nationwide DILF Poll Results: The massive @ArchivedILFs Twitter page conducted a nationwide poll, asking tens of thousands to vote for their ultimate DILFs. Join us as we reveal the top 10 results and see if we agree with the nation’s picks!

Top 10 DILFs According to the Poll: 10 – Keanu Reeves 9 – Ryan Gosling 8 – Jensen Ackles (TV Supernatural) 7 – Taika Waititi 6 – Michael Sheen 5 – Cillian Murphy 4 – Mads Mikkelsen 3 – David Tennant 2 – Oscar Isaac #1: Pedro Pascal

Aphrodite’s Legacy: Love for All Genders: In the spirit of Aphrodite’s love for all genders, Queer News Tonight embraces the diverse representation in the DILF poll, reinforcing the idea that love and attraction are limitless.